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About Us - What, Where & How

About Us - What and Where

The services we offer are aimed at meeting the well-being needs of business and industry to ensure that employees are utilised to the best of their ability, but also to ensure the individual is able to excel and enjoy their work-life with passion and drive. The needs of our client are very important to us and we want to deliver a service and package to meet your needs.


We are also very keen to work with Dyslexic individuals as we have great knowledge on the subject and recognise the strengths that many dyslexics are unaware they possess.

Focus Coaching is now based in Scotland, previously operating from Leicestershire in the East Midlands and works with private individuals and businesses across the UK.


How services are delivered

Your Focus Coach will drive you when you need to be pushed and nurture you when you need to grow. Your Coach has one job and that is to see you succeed!

Try coaching as a practical alternative to counselling.


Whether you are an individual or a business, we can offer a bespoke service/package to meet your needs but if we are unable to, we will sign post you to an organisation that may be better able to help.


Coaching Method:

Coaching involves a one-to-one partnership and sessions can be delivered face-to-face (typical) but can be via telephone, webcam, email or a combination to suit you or your business.

[ Duration: 45min-1 hour session]


Training Programme's:

Training Programmes are delivered to groups of people (3min - 20max) and will involve direct delivery (lecture style) with workshops involving demonstrations, role play, active participation and interactive/multimedia and written materials.

[ Duration: 1 - 1.5 hour session ]



Seminars can be delivered to any number of people and will be delivered as a lecture with workshops if required. Usually delivered as a full-day or half-day events and will usually involve guest speakers. This would be tailored to meet your requirements for your event.


Talks and Lectures:

Talks and Lectures are for delivering a specific topic or to give an overview of a subject. This will involve a presentation using PowerPoint and other visual media to get the point across. This can be made bespoke to meet your customers or clients needs if desired.

[ Duration 45min - 1.5 hour ]

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