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Focus Coaching is able to provide the tools, strategies and support required to help schools, teachers and education providers optimise their learning environment for the benefit of learners and the staff team.

The role of the educator is now often perceived by the public as the social care provider for the under 18’s. Unrealistic expectations from politicians, business employers, and some parents often make the role of the teacher over reaching and unattainable.


A good educator will typically set high standards for themselves and their learners without the demanding pressures of external influences.
Without the right balance and support, the threats for failings in learning can creep into the classroom without warning and often all too late.


Focus Coaching can provide the support to ensure your team and personal performance remains on top of your game with growing strengths in areas of weakness.


Our services include:


·         Managing challenging behaviour,

·         Engaging with Young Minds,

·         Understanding Neurological Diversity – Learning Differently

·         Maintaining Control in the Learning Environment

·        Team-building, Leadership & Management Skills

·         Life Balance – for the Educator

·         Specialist services – Supporting (ADHD/Dyslexia & Asperger’s)

·         Educoaching (see side link)

·         Accredited Edu-learning courses (see side link)


Be proactive in maintaining control of progress and excellence and not wait until Ofsted or the LEA pass a detrimental judgment against the goodwill, efforts and selfless sacrifices that great educators and teachers deliver daily.


We also offer:

Motivational school presentations/talks, Specialist interest learning workshops (Art & photography, music & drama) and other bespoke training for staff teams.


Contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.

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