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Educoaching - Overview

Educoaching is a special programme developed by Focus Coaching for delivery in schools. The approach is holistic in the way it will tackle the problems with individuals but addresses the needs within the class and expands across the school.

All children from birth inherently have a curiosity and want to understand the world around them. That curiosity provides the motivation to learn and grow, acquiring new knowledge and skills to allow us to be successful and survive as a human being. We look at formal education as a curriculum which must be followed, which in most cases will engage and inspire the minds of the majority of young people; but there may be a minority who are not engaged by it. This minority can have a detrimental effect on the learning of others due to their lack of engagement and interest.

This is usually brought about by a lack of confidence or motivation from the young person to participate fully in the educational activities. Their attention is usually directed towards a social posturing among their peers which takes precedence over formal learning activities. This in itself causes the person to fall behind with their learning therefore exacerbating the problem. The result usually manifests as antisocial behaviour within and outside of the classroom.

Educoaching includes the following aspects:

·        Child Centred approach.

·        Confidence building.

·        Motivation (external & from within).

·        External Factors – identify, minimise & compensate.

·         Unique - unique approach to each unique person & problem.

·        Coaching Approach – performance improvement for winning.

·         Partnership – working together for the greater result.

·         Goals, Targets & Ambition!

·         Practical Strategies.

·         SEN - Ideal for children with ADHD, Asperger’s & Dyslexia.

·         Working with Class teachers, develop use of bespoke support strategies.


For a detailed publication that outlines the Educoaching Programme in detail or to arrange for a personal presentation for your education establishment/school or governing body, please contact us.


We are keen to work with new Free Schools and Academies as our service support would provide a strong innovative foundation to take your organisation through to continued success for the future.


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