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Mentor/Study Coaching- Non Medical Support

Focus Coaching and Training provide specialist (non-medical support) services for supporting students and working professionals with their disabilities/learning-differences.

Our service offer includes:

·        Study/Research Skills,

·         Workplace Coaching,

·        Communicating with Confidence,

·         Time/Life Balance Management,

·        Organisational strategies,

·         Work/Life Balance,

·        Stress & Anxiety management and more...


We pride ourselves on caring about the needs of the individual (you) and acknowledging your emotional wellbeing as our client when working together. Emotional matters with relation to your disability will impact on your health and academic performance (a vicious circle begins). Support should be a trusted friendly working partnership and not that of a student-to–teacher approach.


Our Teams Diverse Background:

We are fortunate to have team members with specialist academic knowledge in a variety of academic areas including technical subjects such as Engineering, Mathematics and Science.
Please enquire if you have a subject specific need (dsa@focuscoaching.org.uk).


Our experiences include:

  • Practical experience of disabilities first-hand and through working and supporting disabled clients (all ages).
  • Specialist support knowledge developed for supporting Dyslexia, Asperger's and ADHD.
  • Academic experience includes teaching/lecturing and assessing at FE/HE level, through to Primary Education; academic qualifications including CertEd, PGCE & Masters degree level.
  • Over 3 year’s delivery of 1-to-1 Assistive Technology Training (ATT) to students from across the United Kingdom.
  • Specialist understanding of hardware and software.
  • Up-to-date and current knowledge of all current Assistive Technology software packages and their full implementation.
  • Over 4 year’s delivery of personal one-to-one life coaching, confidence building and bespoke training.
  • Careers and industrial support guidance.

We are also able to provide Assistive Technology Training (ATT) in addition to any previous training provided, or as a top-up for any sessions you were unable to attend (lost sessions) or key feature you were unable to grasp because of the overwhelming volume of information.

If you would like to consider changing from your current provider to Focus Coaching & Training, please read our downloadable guide (link to the left), or contact us to discuss your needs at dsa@focuscoaching.org.uk.

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