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Assistive Technology Training (ATT)


Assistive Technology can be implemented as a strategy for dealing with many academic, organisational and learning issues in relation to a disability (physical or learning). Specialist software and devices can be combined to create a bespoke personalised working practice centred on the individuals needs.


Focus Coaching with over 3 years experience, has a proven track record of delivering affective Assistive Technology Training (ATT), to university students throughout the Midlands region. For students, this can be a full training provision or a top-up request in addition to any previous training provided.

Often without blame, sessions you were unable to attend (lost sessions) leave holes in your knowledge of best implementation of your provided technology package, this is where we can clarify & expand on key features you were unable to grasp at the time or because of the overwhelming volume of information.


As Focus Coaching also provides Non-medical support services to DSA students, the ATT can be combined with your Study/Mentoring support to optimise your efficiency and improve your work/study practices.


If you are interested in our services and you would like further information, please email us on dsa@focuscoaching.org.uk.


Support Funding

University students can apply to receive study support, specialist technologies and training through the disability support package (DSA) provided by Student Finance England (SFE).

(Further details – HERE)

Employers can also access similar funding to support their staff through the governments “Access to Work” scheme.
(Further details – HERE)

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