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Target your Nutrition

Improving your nutritional intake will boost not only your overall health but also focus & concentration. Conditions such as ADHD and Dyslexia will especially benefit from a personalised dietary Reboot!

Often meals are skipped (especially breakfast) and dehydration due to lack of healthy fluids impacts significantly on the brains ability to function optimally throughout the day. Something all students and professionals should keep in mind if generally tired & underperforming.


Fitness, Health and Body fuel

Looking good and feeling GREAT!
To live life to your full potential requires balance. One of the main areas we can neglect is to ensure we are fit and healthy which will allow us to engage in all the activities that will make us happy in life.

Boosted Confidence
Confidence is most often reduced when we feel sluggish and unhealthy but more often because we lack body confidence. We can help you to address the balance by providing our nutritional and fitness programme with a one-to-one coaching support package, to help you transition from the now, into revealing the inner you

Health Evaluation
Your Focus Coach will carry out a health evaluation and produce a report outlining your Weight, BMI, Body composition and will then design a bespoke healthy nutrition programme to fit around your life and ensure you reach your physical health goals.

Health & Weight Management
To maintain peak performance, ensure you fuel your body with the best quality foods to ensure good health, vitality and longevity.

Personal Slimming
Losing weight can be the biggest challenge you ever face in life. Apart from the food intake and fitness, it is essential you have support to deal with the reasons for the initial weight gain. Ensure you lose weight for the very last time!

Personal Lean Building
Weight gain can be tough without the correct amount of exercise and nutritional input. The combination must continue to be assessed to ensure a lean mass is being gained and not body fat. We have high protein and nutritional products that will help achieve your goals.

Take back control of your health and contact us today to arrange your evaluation.

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