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Delivery of Coaching sessions can be face-to-face, via telephone, email and even internet (webcam). As every person is unique, so is the pricing (some people require less/more support).

Below are the defined plans/programmes on offer but we can be flexible. Please contact us for detailed information and pricing.

Single Session Bookings:

Single session bookings are available for one off issues. The Coach will advise if the matter can be resolved in one or two sessions.

Price: From £65 (single session).


Business Plan A - 6 Session Block:

For most issues, it is recommended that you book a block course of 6 sessions with a target of meeting every 2 weeks (two sessions per month) to allow for practice on Coach’s recommendations.

This frequency can be increased to weekly if Coach feels this is beneficial. Further sessions may be required which can be discussed with your coach towards the end of your course.

Price: From £315 (6 sessions).


Business Plan B - Weekly Intensive:

If matters are more urgent and you need results fast, the Week Intensive (Business Plan B) may be the one for you.

This will comprise of a minimum of 5 x 2 (two) hour sessions spread over a week (2 weeks max). Dependant on the issue, your Coach may wish to spend more time with you so you will have to ensure your time is flexible.

[Please note that to improve your life does require changes in your way of thinking, which takes time.]

Price: From £575 (There is no additional cost for extra hours by the Coach).


Business Plan C - Day Intensive:

Day Intensive option is available for one off, urgent issues.

The Coach will advise if this option is suitable to your needs.

It is also recommended that you book this session a couple of weeks before the event/need. This will be delivered in either a full day, or two half-day sessions.

Price: From £650 (any follow-up sessions will be at a discounted hourly rate).


Workshops/Talks/Training Sessions:

The Coach is a motivator and after discussing your needs, will prepare and deliver a 2 hour package consisting of a presentation and workshops to your organisation/groups.

Price: From £250 (call to discuss your needs).


Bespoke Training Programmes/Courses:

The Coach is capable of writing programmes that will engage the learner or target audience. This will focus around integrative learning using the VAK learning styles and implementing motivational approaches to ensure that course delivers what you want without boring your staff or client.

Price: From £450 (call to discuss your needs).

If you have a requirement that you are not sure we are able to offer as a service, please call to discuss as, we are a very diverse team and may be able to offer a novel solution.

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