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Dyslexia - The Strengths

Dyslexic Strengths Power not weakness


The following list highlights skills and strengths known to be common to dyslexics (Allotrilexic abilities).

Particular skills can include some of the following:

The following extract is taken with kind permission from http://www.dyslexia-lessons.com


General auditory memory:

Remembering spoken information, for example from listening to a lecture, television programme or song. Sometimes powers of recall can be to the extent of reciting word for word.



A readiness to translate ideas and word meanings into pictures; as such, dyslexics and dyspraxics can show a propensity for Film or Graphics.


Holistic visual memory:

While the dyslexic or dyspraxic can find it very difficult to recall a sequence of items laid in a row, he or she can be talented when recalling items in any random order, shown as a group.


Spatial awareness:

A holistic awareness of items in a spatial, 3-D sense, such as 3-D puzzles, designing and building, technical mechanics, particular sports and dance.


Problem Solving:

Seeing things as a whole, and offering a different perspective by using fresh ideas which can be innovative solutions.


Verbal communication:

Fluent and witty speech is common, with accompanying skill in public speaking, drama, marketing, communicating by telephone, teaching and story-telling.


People skills:
A keen social awareness, an ability to tap into current trends, and get the best out of working with others.


More ability than meets the eye!

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