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Client Testimonial - Dyslexia Coaching
I first met with Focus Coaching in September 2011 and was very much in need of some confidence and clarity in order to identify and achieve my personal goals.

As a Life Coach, I would describe my Coach Adrian, as very much a 'people person'. I found him very approachable, supportive and extremely easy to talk to. He also has a natural ability to understand people and their situation by being very insightful.

He tries to listen and understand what motivates people and is very intuitive and perceptive in a non-critical manner, but very honest with his opinion.

Coach Adrian is also very open minded and ask thought provoking questions that will challenge your thinking process because he actually listens to what is actually being said and in turn recognise its true meaning.

I would recommend Focus Coaching to anyone who wants to achieve lasting positive changes within their life. They will give you the tools to make your life happier and a very productive.

Thank You Coach - You have changed my life in a very positive way.

Many Thanks
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The following testimonies were from clients whose lives had seemed to crash around them. They had never considered Dyslexia Coaching and were very apprehensive to give it a go at first.
Mr A Jarvis (Adult ADHD/Dyslexia)
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