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Dyslexia - Beyond the disability

Dyslexia - Overview


Dyslexia is predicted to impact on 15% of the UK population. It is also the case that many adults will be affected by dyslexia without even knowing.

This will be partially due to a misunderstanding of what dyslexia is and having never been assessed at school.

Sadly, many adult dyslexics feel ashamed of who they are!


What is Dyslexia

Dyslexia is now recognised as a neurological condition that impacts on a person's ability to read and write as effectively as their peers.


In most cases it is apparent that their brain is wired differently to the average person which results in this disability related to reading and writing. However, these same neurological differences, can impact on other aspects of a person's life, preventing them from ever reaching their goal.


The up side?

There is growing evidence that these differences in the way the brain works, gives rise to other enhanced cognitive abilities. Often people with dyslexia may appear gifted to their peers but in many more cases the dyslexic individual only recognises and focuses on their weaknesses (reading and writing).


There are many successful dyslexics who have played to their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. These include Albert Einstein, Leonardo De Vinci, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Richard Branson (Virgin Grp), Winston Churchill (Prime Minister), Tom Cruise (Actor) Eddie Izzard... to name but a few talented people in many different professions.


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" no matter how hard I keep trying, I just can't seem to do it! "
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